About Us

Art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together. These words of John Ruskin are a succint summary of our approach and attitude towards art.

As Chennai's eminent art gallery, we create a wide and winsome range of murals, brass cast banisters, metal cast accessories, decorative doorways and innovative artifacts that form an intrinsic aspect of architecture and interior decoration.

Started in a 1989 by a team of graduates from Government College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai, we have evolved into one -stop artistic solution providers with a fine array of simple and sleek of creative works. Working at our studio spread across 45000sq.ft. Our highly gifted artists and designers express themselves in numerous metals and materials weaving an exquisite tapestry of elements that are both trendy and traditional. All the prevailing styles of art - contemporary, modern, post modern, classical, ethnic and eclectic come alive with a soul-stirring intensity.

At artistic, we have evolved an ambience and culture that is most conducive for creativity. It is a systemic function punctuated by collaboration and cohesion at all levels blended form a unique palette full of aesthetic brilliance, professinalism, and corporate-like pre-cision. There is an in built mechanism that ensures customer satisfaction through total quality, Further our project management skills havebeen atuned to such levels of prefection that the entire production process focuses on creating the work, that is purely handcrafted, to the customer's specifications and delivering it exactly at the time and place desired by him.