About Dwari

Dwari is an exquisite collection of doors, large and small, derived from the traditional Sanskrit word. The assortment constitutes multiple varieties of creative designs that are attributed with the qualities of functionality and aesthetics. These encompass a wide range of contemporary, modern, traditional and classical options to choose from.

Contemporary Doors

The state-of-the-art door accessories are the buzz creators of the collection. With features of minimalism and simplicity, they blend in with any type of contemporary architectural edifice and typology, from residential to commercial use. These are created with appropriate media to exhibit a young and fresh appearance.

Classical Doors

Contrary to the contemporary doors, Classical doors provide for a perfect choice for clients looking for traditional yet sophisticated characteristics. They possess an innate antique spirit that can express a cozy and warm feeling, especially for residences. These are a set of diverse selections, from minimally decorated to the most elaborately articulated doors.

Entrance Doors

Entrance doors are deemed to be one of the most important features of an edifice, that imparts a character to it. Everything is communicated in the first impression. These doors are celebrated as the precursors of the spaces yet to be revealed. The design of these doors is sculpted in a flexible, yet distinct fashion to accommodate different heights and sizes.

Internal Doors

Internal doors are an ensemble within a space that may or may not resonate with the likes of the entrance doors. They come in versatile classes of materials, colour palettes and mood boards to suit the interior design of a space. They help to build a distinctive design language to a place.


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