About Pranams

Artistick’s Proudly Presents PRANAMS handles a wide and exquisite collection of designer handles Pranams derived from the Sanskrit word pranam meaning to welcome to respect or-salutation



Mortise Handles

Seamless curves of the handle embedded with minuscule patterns in the shades of gold provide for an ideal contrast to a minimally designed door. The form acts as a pop-out feature in a tasteful manner.


Pooja Handles

The symbolism of a lotus flower is crafted along with a slender long handle. This minimal design finished with a shade of bronze enhances the pious vibe suitable for a pooja door handle.


Large Handles

The large handle is the state-of-art creation preferred by most of the designers and enthusiasts for its functional and aesthetical values. This particular handle is a superior product owing to its artistic curves and form.


Classic Handles

‘God is in the detail’ is a true expression of this complex yet elegant handle. It is an expression of a creeper plant in the form of art. The handle is styled in an antique fashion to bring out a classic vibe.


Wardrobe Handle

These handles suitable for wardrobes are the most voguish out of the lot. With models of different shapes, sizes, finishes and forms, the collection is eclectic. Rose-gold finishes bring out a chic and sophisticated vibe to any space.


Door Knobs

This set has an exquisite collection of doorknobs. Right from minimalistic models to the most elaborately fabricated ones. The circular floral pattern of the knob is derived from the amalgamation of geometry and nature. The tone of this knob gives it a highly traditional and graceful look.

Theme Handles

The theme handles are most sought after for new and materializing projects. A single theme or metaphor is applied to the elements of all hardware and collectables to express a unified design language throughout the space. The concept is reflected on handles, keyholes, knobs, etc. to bring a consistency to the design and enhance its beauty.




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Our Projects

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